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                               SYMI - GREECE

The rugged barren Greek island of Symi beckoned and is so close to Turkey that many cruisers head over to Greece for the day, incognito because the checkin-checkout procedures from Turkey are expensive and time consuming. So down came the Turkish flag as we closed in on the little island and up went the Greek one.

Pedhi 36 36.94N 27 51.42E

We decided to anchor away from the main harbor, around on the eastern side at an anchorage called Pedhi.  Like so many of the anchorages the water was very deep until quite close inshore and with the bay chock full of yachts it was hard to find a spot. Eventually we dropped the hook in a shallow spot very very close to the beach.

We took a bus into Symi town, cost 1 EU. It was a rather white knuckle ride as the bus sped along a narrow one lane road, no shoulder to prevent the bus from tumbling down the steep embankment into the sea! But the view was picture postcard with the traditional Greek houses spilling over the hills.

Along with Annie and Liam, we walked around the busy town and then settled in a little Bar on the quaint harbour front for a cold drink and some people watching.


Greek fishing boats lined the quay, a different style of craft than what the Turks use.

The architecture in Greece was very different from that in Turkey. The houses were painted in hues of cream, yellow and white to off white.

We enjoyed the cultural differences and look forward to spending more time in Greece in 2009.


After a bit of provisioning with items unavailable in Turkey (pork/bacon, cheeses, taziki, good wine), we set sail heading back to Marmaris Bay area.