LA PAZ, Mexico

We arrived in the La Paz very early and since it was still dark, we set our anchor in a bay just outside the La Paz harbour. Next morning we tied up to the dock in Palmira Marina. The day was spent checking into customs, cleaning up the boat and catching up on our sleep before Chris' arrival.


December  15, 2003

Chris arrived at the airport in San Jose. We had rented a car and drove the 3 hour drive to pick him up. After waiting for him at the wrong terminal, we finally connected and enjoyed a happy reunion. We stopped at Cabos San Lucas for a drink on the beach. Chris had had a long flight so he unfortunately missed the Baja landscape as we drove back to La Paz and he snoozed most of the way!

We had Ascension in a slip at La Palmira Marina, where there was access to power, water, showers, laundry and all the conveniences of home. The marina is about 5 miles from town and is situated in a picturesque location. The water in the marina is generally very clear and teaming with fish. Like an aquarium, there's Sergeant Majors, Pipefish, Pufferfish and even Sea Bass.

la-paz-streets.jpg (26256 bytes)Shopping in La Paz
is a unique experience. Very little English is spoken in the town so bargaining for goods is quite a challenge.


The streets are packed with merchandise, haphazardly spread out for inspection. I am sure it would be quite a challenge to find 2 matching shoes in the heap shown here.

Many outdoor markets were set up due to the Christmas season, amazingly prices comparable to those found in Canada.

La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and is a true Mexican city. Downtown you mingle with the locals, see how they live and how they shop. The tiny hole-in-the-wall stores provide hours of entertainment.

The residents of La Paz are very tranquil and relaxed people, always friendly, with easy smiles blend in with the festive environment.

Christmas Party for the Cruisers:

There was a Christmas Party get together for all the cruisers that were in La Paz with an authentic Mexican Buffet, music and even a belly dancer!

We had the opportunity to get together with friends that we hadn't seen for a while traveling down the coast.

Chris played pool with another cruiser for most of the evening. Later he partied on his boat which was anchored in Marina La Paz.

December 18

We rented a car and toured some of the nearby beaches along with Courtney from Anguli.

Here Chris stands with some of the huge Carbon cactus that we affectionately call "cartoon cactus."



We found some wonderful sandy beaches, mostly without many other people.

Here is Courtney, Chris and Gord on Playa del Tasoro Beach, the first one we came to.


After a little sun tanning and some lunch, we went snorkeling but the water was a little chilly so the boys didn't stay in the water too long.

We walked along the soft brilliant white sand at Tecolate Beach (Ballandra) enjoying the crystal clear water and peaceful surroundings.

We  came to an unusual rock shaped like a mushroom, with it's heavy mass supported only by a spindly base. Later, we saw a replica of the famous landmark  in town.