PORT SAN LUIS TO SANTA BARBARA

This leg includes the Cape Horn of the Pacific, Point Conception. Point Conception is another "milestone" on the trek south. Leaving the security of BC's protected waters for the open ocean if first, wondering what you'll get at "a gale lives there" is next, followed by Point Conception. It is a dividing line for the seas and weather.

the next step and carry on. I think we all have things that require us to test our inner strengths and often thinking about it is worse that the reality.

Fortunately our overnight trip to Santa Barbara was wonderful. We were beam to sea so it was rolly but otherwise just a nice motor boat ride. The strongest winds at the point were 25 knots but it was fine. We traveled with Mira and Adelante as we passed gigantic ocean oil rigs lit up like cities in the middle of the ocean. The starry night was fascinating with the incandescent waves, caused by the phosphorescence in the water, and the occasional bright "green torpedo" marked by dolphins darting through the black waters.


Rounding Point Conception was just like the books had promised. The sea state changed to calm waters and we exchanged our cruiser suits for swim suits. The change in air temperature was unbelievable.


October 20, 2003

Arriving in Santa Barbara we found out that our other friends on Ocean Girl and Epic 5 were only about an hour behind us. We are docked at a marina in order to make repairs to our sails that have taken quite a beating on this trip. 


We spent the first evening at the open air Farmers Market and walked around this beautiful town with miles of sandy beaches and palm trees everywhere.


Santa Barbara Beach

We exchanged stories about that fateful night. Apparently, there was also a 41 foot sailboat that had its crew air evacuated off their boat during that same storm.

October 22

On the dock, we enjoyed a pot luck supper on Reaction with Blue Heron (Dennis & Sandra), Ocean Girl (Donna & Ralph), and Wandering Star (Russ & Shirley). We were thrilled to finally meet Dale and Gary as we felt we had a bond a resulting from the storm we both endured. 


Russ, Ralph, Donna


Can you believe we found Summerland, USA! It is a couple of miles from Santa Barbara. The most amazing thing is that the area really reminds us of the Okanagan. The ocean here is much like the lake and is bordered by clay cliffs and low mountains, like looking across at Naramata. I really feel like we are home again!