LAST FEW MONTHS IN TURKEY Marmaris and Marti Marina

As we were nearing the end of our time in Turkey, there was lots to do to prep for our onward adventure through the Mediterranean. We had been in Marmaris and the surrounding area for almost a year and had become quite comfortable with our new home environment and the many friends we had made.

March 31

Spring was so slow coming to Turkey. The rain continued, making boat projects difficult. One morning we woke up to a coating of snowy hail covering the boat!

April 10

Gord had the opportunity to play his guitar with other musicians in the marina and when the Greenhouse Restaurant had a big party,  Gord, along with 2 other American guitarists did a gig. They were very good considering they had only one chance to practice beforehand. There were 70 people there who demanded an encore at the end!

Gord has been working himself non-stop on Tactical Directions, helping our friend Tony while he way away in Thailand. Rewiring, installing a genset, and generally replacing and fixing bits and pieces. He hadn't had time to start work on Ascension yet and we hoped to be underway by the middle of the month!. The stress and long days surely contributed to him getting a really bad cold. We had to postpone our haulout date at Marti Marina but, although sick, he still struggled to work all day long with absolutely no voice (sometimes a good thing!).  And his toothache became so severe that he finally had pulled. The dentists in Marmaris are very good, with up-to-date equipment and fees much lower than in Canada. The plan was for him to have a bridge put in but had to wait until his gums healed. Just as he was on the mend, he got hit with a violent stomach malady, throwing up for days and days. I was so worried I contemplated taking him to the hospital. In the end, we left without continuing with the dental work so he lives with a huge hole where his chewing chomps should be so I guess he will have to just gum his food from now on!

April 12

We said goodbye to Stardust last night. They left for Cappadocia and we will be gone when they return, They will be missed after our 5 years of travelling together. That is the problem with our lifestyle. you meet wonderful friends but eventually have to part company and it's sad to say farewell.

We have recently met friends with kids aboard that will be travelling our same path to the Caribbean so we look forward to sharing our experiences with them.  Shane and Nicole, an Australian couple on "Grace" with their 3 wonderful children, Jess, Nisha and Jack.


Friends, Ian and Wendy from Remedy will also be making the Atlantic crossing this year, so we will have some company for sure!

I  went to the hospital here in Marmaris for a good checkup. Here everyone goes to the hospital for everything. They speak English and have modern state of the art equipment. I got complete bloodwork, mammogram, ultrasound, and a bone density test. To me it seemed horribly expensive (900 Turkish Lire which equates to about $750) but I suppose having it done in Canada would have been more. I wish my doctor in Canada would have done the tests that I requested but medical restraints prohibited it.

Mostly I am healthy, cholesterol good, blood pressure good. But I am having the beginning signs of osteoporosis in my hips (spine is fine) so more calcium and exercise for me! Hard when fresh milk is hard to find here, only boxed UHT which doesn't taste so great and doesn't have Vit D added.

April 15

Easter sort of came and went here without incident as Turkey does not celebrate Easter. The group at the marina spent the day walking up the mountain and enjoying a picnic lunch but we were trying to get ready to leave the marina so did not join them. Gord's health finally improved but not enough to get to the dentist to get his bridge made before we left Marmaris.

We spent 2 days getting to the marina where we had booked to haul out the boat. It was much cheaper there than at Yacht Marina. We arrived at Marti Marina on Sunday aft, only to be told they wouldn't haul us out til Thursday, but only on the condition that we would go back in first thing Monday morn or we would have to wait until the following week to be hauled out!!   No problem!

On Thursday we awoke to thunder and rain, not the best conditions for putting bottom paint on the boat. So it goes..... We were hoping to be finished in time to join a huge group of friends in Symi, Greece for Greek Easter, the largest Orthodox holiday of the year. It happens on the 19th so we had to cross that event off our list. We still needed to check out of Turkey and the new regulations require the use of an expensive agent that will delay the process.

Marti Marina, Datca Peninsula

April 21/09

We worked our little buns off. It turned out that the keel work we had done in Thailand didn't hold up well and the bonding broke away...rust everywhere! So Gord spent 2 full days just grinding down the hull and then another day with epoxy. Meanwhile, I washed down the hull and waterline, sanded and painted the entire bottom of the boat (three times)!!! At night we were so exhausted and every muscle in our bodies ached. We feel soooooooo old! But it is Sunday and time for only one more coat of paint to go on the keel.

Gord had polished most of the hull yesterday too, so we are good to go Monday morn. We were trapped in by 4 other boats in front of us, on the hard next to a crumbling stone wall with arches enclosing some ruins that they weren't allowed to destroy when the marina was built. Kind of cool!

Above the marina was the remnants of a first class luxury hotel, partially bulldozed and bashed down because it was built without the proper permits!

April 22

We were freed from the hardstand and headed to the anchorage for one last night in Turkish waters. The following morning we left for Symi to check into the EU to start our sailing adventures beginning with the Dodecanese group of the Greek islands.