EPI - LAMEN BAY, Vanuatu          

LAMEN BAY has the best beach on Epi, with shallow coral heads, great for snorkeling. The big bonus is that it is home to a very friendly Dugong (sea cow related to the Manatee) which enjoys playing with swimmers.


Sept 22, 2005

 As soon as we set the hook, I had my eyes peeled for the unusual illusive dugong. Since he only frequents the bay at feeding time, we did not see him right away but instead were entertained by an abundance of very large sea turtles, curiously swimming around the boats.

We had caught a Mahi-mahi so we shared the fish for supper on Ascension with Freefall, who was already in the anchorage, and Endless. We had a great party highlighted when Axel fell off the boat while trying to relieve himself over the rail! He was quite happy about it though, because he got a fresh hot water shower on Ascension!

Swimming with the Turtles

Having been told that the dugong feeds around 6:30 am, I was snorkeling around the bay bright and early with the hopes of a chance encounter with the strange creature with its pig-like snout and whale-like tail. Unfortunately no dugong sighting but I was rewarded with the opportunity to swim with hundreds of huge sea turtles.


Brown Coral Beaches

We spent several days at Lamen Bay walking the long beautiful stretch of beach and visiting the village.

A ferry landed at the village supplying provisions to the island and transporting goods for sale to other locations. Pictured is this "Chicken-To-Go" patiently waiting, along with the baskets of cassava, for the ship to arrive.

Illusive Dugong

On our way back to the boat from our walk along the deserted brown coral beach we spotted the Dugong and quickly cut the motor on the dinghy. It swam right over  and curiously circled us. We watched him for a while then I quickly went to the boat to get my snorkel gear and jumped into the water. But alas! I could not find him again. He had just disappeared.

Unique Sails

Dugouts canoes were constantly going back and forth to the small island offshore to work the plantations. They used palm fronds as sails to make the trip faster.


Stunning sunset over anchorage was the end to a perfect day.