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                               MOROCCAN KASBAH, RABAT                   2009

Across the river from the Marina, the medieval outline of the white houses of the Kasbah surrounded by the long-standing castle walls perched above the sea.

A worn set of stone steps led to a huge intricately carved door, the entrance to the castle walls and the Kasbah inside.

Inside was a well kept courtyard with gardens and interesting doorways and window frames.

A wander through the streets took us past musicians playing on the curb side, trying to make a few dirhams. Picking their traditional instruments, clapping and twirling  the tassel on the Fez hat made for unusual entertainment.

We stopped to watch women weave the traditional Berber carpets that are seen all over Morocco.

A climb to the top of the castle rewarded magnificent views over river, barren beachfront and cubic city.

From the top of the castle you could see signs of life in the kasbahs, clothes hanging on the shale and stone rooftops.


Kids playing in the streets, their only playground, fun wrestling like boys everywhere do.

The streets of the Kasbah were a labyrinth of narrow passageways between stark white homes with blue painted half way down to the cobblestone. Each street looked like the next and each resident was nondescript and identical except for the doors. I suppose the uniqueness of each doorway gave personality and identity to the dwellings. The styles of the entrance ways were as diverse as they could be, most arched and many meticulously carved from plaster or wood, the heavy wooden or metal doors studded with pegs.

Below is a Gallery of some of the Doors we saw in the Kasbah.

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