EFATE ISLAND - Port Vila, Vanuatu                                                           

PORT VILA is the capital of Vanuatu and with a population of about 27,000 it is the hub of business activities and the biggest port. There are numerous shops and restaurants and lots of grocery stores.

Sept 15, 2005
We picked up the last mooring ball in front of the busy Waterfront Bar and proceeded into town to check in and renew our Visas, all a simple process.

Sept 16, 2005

We spent the day walking around the town and found an internet cafe to complete out on-line Australian Visa applications. The Market was quite amazing with the local women in their colorful Mother Hubbard dresses selling their fresh fruits and vegetables. Left is Emma at the market.

Sept 17, 2005
Beautiful Waterfalls and Botanical Gardens
We got together with Amazing Grace, Freefall, and Endless and took a trip to the Mele-Maat Cascades and botanical gardens. The walk through the forest was beautiful with swimming pools and mini-falls along the way. The trail actually climbed up stone steps through the water.

The 20m Falls are spectacular. The force of the water was so strong that Emma lost her top!



That evening we all got together for Poo-poos on Amazing Grace and Emma took this self-portrait of us all.

from left: Ema, Gord, Richard, Axel, Ginny, Donna, Kelly, Marv

Sept 18, 2005

We met up with Amazing Grace, Freefall, Tigress (from Australia) and Endless for lunch at a Hamburger Joint owned by an ex-American woman. She organized a driver to take us around the island in his van.


When is an Island Tour
not a Tour

Our driver turned out to be not very well informed as to the Island's points of interest. He just drove and drove without stopping to see anything. We did manage to get in some snorkeling at Eton Beach (left) and ended our day at the Vauatan Brewery.

Sept 19, 2005
Time to move on so we checked out and provisioned. Matarua and Traveller had just arrived in the anchorage so we had a visit and got some tips where to go as they had both already  cruised much of Vanuatu.

Sept 20
We sailed to Havanah Bay, not far from Port Vila. We anchored in front of creek and just relaxed for a day. We did some snorkeling and I saw a turtle underwater.