VITA LEVU    Visit with Mom & Dad...                                                      May 20 to June 7, 2005

It was so exciting to visit with the folks after over a year. The last time we had a chance to see each other was in Mazatlan and I have really missed my family since we left August 2003. After a long and arduous trip from Canada, Mom & Dad arrived in Fiji several days before we did so they went on a Blue Lagoon Cruise to enjoy some of Fiji while we completed our passage.

After some difficulty making contact with them, we finally rendezvoused at Vuda Point, near Lautoka, where we knew we could safely moor the boat and make some road trips around Fiji.

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Visit with Mom & Dad... AROUND LAUTOKA AND VUDA POINT                    
May 20, 2005
The hotel adjacent to Vuda Point Marina, The First Landing, is a upscale resort with a bar, pool and restaurant. However it was expensive so Mom & Dad opted for a hotel just above Vuda Point Marina, called The Anchorage, where cruisers were offered a discount. 

When they arrived at the hotel by taxi from Nadi, we were waiting by the pool to meet them and it was such a happy reunion. They got a room overlooking the ocean (pic right) and after they settled into their room, we spent the first evening getting caught up with all the news.

May 21

We hadn't checked in at Lautoka yet so we all headed to Fiji's second largest city. Again, we filled out all the exact same forms, in triplicate with carbon paper, that we had completed in Suva. Fiji really needs to be introduced to the computer! After the formalities were over with, we were dropped off in Lautoka where we wandered the streets and visited the market. 

Cramped in a narrow stairwell, we found a shoemaker who repaired Gord's flip flops for $2.

The market was as good as the one in Suva so I stocked up on a few items that I recognized. There were many strange looking fruits and I am anxious to sample some of them at another time. Common in the market was papaya, cabbage, eggplant, pineapples, bok choy, carrots, melons, taro, oranges and bananas.


Left: We bought some Kava in preparation for the unavoidable "Sevusevu" that we anticipated having to attend as we cruised the remote outer islands of Fiji. The preferred form of Kava is the roots, traditionally tied into 1/3-1/2 kilo bundles. (approx $25/kilo)


That evening, we welcomed Mom & Dad aboard Ascension With a little practice Mom became very adept at climbing onboard, even in a dress! We enjoyed a dinner of the Mahi Mahi we had caught on our passage However, the beans we purchased at the market were not a hit...tough and stringy. Should have been more courageous and tried one of those unidentified varieties of veggies.
Happy Hours...
Over the next week we enjoyed many Happy Hours, spread out among the Anchorage Hotel, the Vuda Point Yacht Club, the First Landing Resort and onboard Ascension.
Having lunch at the Anchorage Hotel A toast to the family
Vuda Point Yacht Club
Watching the sun set over drinks at the Yacht Club
June 4, 2005
After our return sail to Musket Cove, Mom & Dad stayed a night at the impressive First Landing Resort because the Anchorage Hotel was full. The room was really large surrounded by beautiful garden-like grounds.



We had dinner by the ocean and experienced a gorgeous tropical sunset. Later the torches were lit around the resort, a nightly ritual.
Village Crafts...
The little village of Viseisei, where the first Fijian people landed and established themselves, was located just down the hill from the Anchorage Hotel. We spent a while viewing all the handicrafts made by the village women, bought a few items and made some new friends.
Outstanding Voices of the Church Choir...
The following Sunday, Mom & I returned to Viseisei to attend the Presbyterian Church. As always in the churches of the South Pacific, the singing was fabulous! The children were very friendly and one little boy escorted us around his village before church began.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant...
Mom & Dad and myself took a taxi to visit Nadi, with a stop at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant along the way. Our driver, Ram, who had befriended Mom, took us to his house first to meet his family. Then we took a rough off road track to a lovely garden established by Raymond Burr, featuring fantastic tropical gardens and orchids.

Mom and Dad enjoying the view from the bridge over the lily pond

Mom & Ginny
take a moment to relax at the gardens
well maintained walkwaysunusual plants, trees and flowers and a huge display of orchids
Farewell Supper on Ascension...
June 6
We spent our last evening together on Ascension trying to cram in as much last minute visiting as possible. It was sad that our visit had to come to an end but it was so nice that my folks made the huge effort to come and experience a sampling of our lifestyle. I can't wait until we meet again with new stories of more adventures.

PHOTOS of the our visit with Mom & Dad LAUTOKA AREA.




Road Trip to Suva

Navala Village

Musket Cove Sail