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December 6, 2003

A full moonlit night made for a beautiful sail, bright enough for shadows to dance across the deck. The sky had a very unusual cloud formation with the most amazing halo around the moon. It made us wary that there may be an impending weather change. I saw a meteor cut through the sky and burst into a fiery green ball as it reached the atmosphere. A number of flying fish miscalculated and landed on the deck. Gord had to brush them off next morning. 

cruisship.jpg (249752 bytes) Dawn brought winds on our stern and we could finally shut off the motor and sail. As I was dozing in the cockpit, I heard a humungous crashing sound, like that of an explosion and Gord shrieking with delight that a humpback whale, longer than our boat, had just jumping clear out of the water and landed with a splash only feet from our port side. I saw his mottled back and tail emerge several times but he didn't put on another display for me.
lands-end.jpg (17235 bytes)

December 7

Finally we rejoiced at reaching Cabo Falso known as Finisterra (Land's End) distinctively marked by the spectacular extension of rocky hills, sandy beaches and pinnacles that project into the ocean off the end of the Baja peninsula.


We rounded the point and sailed into the Bahia Cabo San Lucas dodging jet skiis, parasails, glass bottom tourist boats, fishing boats and the like. Hotels consumed the sandy beaches, crammed with tourists sunbathing and swimming.

We dropped the hook and decided that this busy environment did not parallel our idea of the cruising life, so agreed to head on to Los Frailes first thing the next morning.

anchorage-cabos.jpg (17335 bytes)

At sunrise, we were ready  to head out. Reaction decided to continue on to Los Frailes with us but had a problem with the windlass. We rafted to his boat to help Gary make some repairs and were able to obtain some more water from them. Repairs accomplished, we were just casting off when Mira and Adelante pulled into the anchorage.